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How to do SEO of a Website: A Step by Step Guide

Surprisingly, 75% of internet users never go past the first page of a search engine. And the most important thing defined for ranking on the first page of search engines is SEO. This is why it makes sense for business owners to implement SEO on their business website in 2022.

Boost Your Website's Visibility with Effective SEO Strategies

Below are the steps to consider for website SEO optimization:

Good domain name

Keep your website domain name short, easy to spell, and memorable. Focus on choosing a branded domain because this will help build trust and increase the value of its content.

Avoid forcing keywords into your domain name, as this will make your domain name look Sammy.

Research keywords

Use online keyword research tools to find the perfect high-quality keywords for your website and all of its pages. Use the audience's attention to do keyword research. Focus on the main purpose of the page and the keywords that your audience will use to search for your website in search engines.

Create your content

Update new content on your website by adding new keywords in your niche. Add keywords to your Meta, title and website content. Also create a good blog section for your website.

Additionally, provide an FAQ related web page for your website to help you rank in search queries related to your niche. Make sure you add the best features to your website.

Website hosting

The homepage of the website should have a beautiful appearance as it is the first impression of the website in front of the visitors. It will represent your website in terms of content.

Make sure your website is attractive and relevant to avoid high bounce rates.

Avoid long paragraphs

Using white space on your website is very important. When optimizing your content, be sure to avoid long paragraphs, as they can distract users from focusing on the website.

Write short paragraphs to give readers a break from text, like we did on this blog.

Visual content optimization

Visual content also plays an important role at the website level. This makes the website attractive and attracts the attention of customers. Use high quality visual content for your website to help increase your chances of ranking in search engines. Avoid using negative images as this will have a negative impact on the website.

Internal link

Internal links help Google's crawlers or bots to find your website's pages and possibly improve your website's ranking. It also helps in driving traffic from one page of the website to another.

Linking pages to business-relevant keywords helps increase the chances of improving Google rankings.

Phone friendly

Mobile friendliness is important in website SEO. In fact, it is a signal in the Google and Bing algorithm when it detects a user who consumes content on a website using a smartphone. In addition, if your website is based or focused on mobile user traffic, mobile friendliness will play an important role.

Below are the main things to consider for a user-friendly website:

• Make sure the font size is readable without scaling.

• Position the object carefully to avoid accidental clicks.

• Make navigation simple and clear

Technical setup

Configure Google Search Engine console and Bing Webmaster Tools to see who is linking to your website and which keywords are driving the most traffic to your website. The report also recommends setting up Google Analytics as this will help you track, analyze and report data on the website. Many businesses use Google Analytics to see:

• Who visits their website?

• Where does the traffic come from?

• Traffic comparison based on time, device and location.

Website Performance

Pay attention to the usability of your website, because this will help ensure that users will find all the information easily. Pagespeed is a popular website for testing website speed. Therefore, make sure that you do this work when you are doing website SEO to improve the ranking. Visitors are more likely to stay when the download speed is fast.

Links to social networks

Although social media is not directly involved in SEO ranking, the links shared on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) increase brand visibility, which affects website SEO. indirectly. Below are the types of content that drive traffic and shares on social media:

Blog post





Don't forget to create a sitemap for your website that is a list of pages on your website that are listed. The sitemap sends all the information about your website to search engines to help them find your website content easily.

Website SEO Guide: The Final Word

We hope that the article above helps you learn the important steps of website SEO. Many businesses are investing in local and global SEO services in India to ensure that their website SEO is done correctly.

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